• San Francisco, CA

    September 7-8, 2020

Scientific Tracks


AAV Production

High Yielding and Scalable AAV Production Platforms

Manufacturing Challenges

Manufacturing Challenges of rAAV Production for Gene Therapy

Analytical Development

AAV Quantification methods for product characterization and dosing

Novel AAV Capsids

Development and Production of Novel Capsids with improved tissue tropism

AAV Capsid Engineering

Novel capsid discovery and development technologies

Industry Perspective

Industry Perspective on CMC Challenges for AAV gene Therapy Products

About Bioproduction Summit

World class conference that brings together industry leaders and decision makers to discuss and present advances in biologics production. Tackling current manufacturing challenges in the field of Gene and Cell Therapy.  This forum provides a venue for start ups as well as established biotech organization to collaborate, network and exhibit latest innovations in the field.

Why Attend Bioproduction Summit

  • Present & exhibit your organization's technological advances and manufacturing solutions to your target audience.
  • Get wide coverage of latest innovations in the field of Bioproduction with focus on Gene & Cell Therapy
  • Opportunities to network and collaborate with key decision makers, senior executives and industry experts in the sector

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